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Corpus Research Group (76): Elena Semino et al.

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Corpus Research Group (76): Vaclav Brezina, Dana Gablasova and Elena Semino (Lancaster University)

Topic: Corpus Linguistics and its applications: three case studies

Speakers: Vaclav Brezina, Dana Gablasova and Elena Semino (Lancaster University)

Abstract: Corpus linguistics – the computer-aided study of large quantities of language data, is increasingly being applied to a wider variety of linguistic issues and phenomena. This talk presents three different cutting-edge applications: the creation and use of the new General Service List of English vocabulary; the development of phraseology in L2 speakers of English; and the use of metaphor in communication about cancer and the end of life. In all three cases, the use of corpus methods is not just leading to advances in research, but also contributing to changes in practice in areas including  language teaching, language testing and healthcare communication.

Time: 2014年12月16日(星期二)14:00-15:30
Place: 北京外国语大学西院中国外语教育研究中心(小白楼)308室