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Professor Wang Kefei’s Report on Construction and Applicatio

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   On the afternoon of May 13 2011, Professor Wang Kefei gave a report entitled “The Construction and Application of Parallel Corpus” in the eleventh event of Corpus Salon.
   Professor Wang first introduced the construction process, the type and the purpose of parallel corpus, then he concluded the construction status of parallel corpus home and abroad, and pointed out some problems in these constructions. Professor Wang also demonstrated the related researches based on parallel corpus. He pointed out that although parallel corpus sprung up quite recently and thus had some problems such as limited data and difficult processing, the parallel corpus has shown great prospects in areas like language research (e.g. language comparison, translational language, feature comparison), translation research (e.g. translation transform, translation type, automatic translation), lexicography (e.g. bi-lingual words extraction, frequency analysis, collocation analysis, example sentences extraction), and translation teaching (e.g. multi-lingual translation of one language, comparison and choice of translated language). Professor Wang also briefly introduced the progress of his National Social Science Fund project “Construction of Mass English-Chinese Parallel Corpus”.
   Through this report, forty audiences from universities in and outside Beijing obtained a comprehensive understanding of the construction and research on parallel corpus.
After Professor Wang’s report, Professor Xiong Wenxin introduced how to use the software WinAlign to conduct parallel data’s alignment.